Extraordinary: Soul

【E.I Investigation task 】

Task: Investigate serial disappearances

Mission location: Mutuso Town

Start time of investigation: Set off immediately upon receipt of investigation assignment

Investigator: Karena (AI partner Moe)

Belonging to: Setias Division (Europe)

Summary of events:

The town of Mutuso has seen a series of mysterious disappearances in a month, and the police officers who went to investigate them disappeared from the scene. From the surveillance of the missing location and the trace of the scene, nothing unusual was found, as if it disappeared into thin air. In order not to cause panic among residents, the first scene has been sealed off. The police suspect that this is an abnormal incident, so they sent a request to E.I for assistance in the investigation

Also: Since the first disappearance, Mutuso has occasionally experienced small earthquakes

(Moe: Hey Kar stop playing with your phone, ready to trigger!)